Who We Are

Bike Rite was co-founded in 2015 by Nicholas Reed and Blake Owens.


What We Do

Bike Rite provides a unique cycling experience that incorporates the promotion of healthy lifestyles into team-building events.

Featured Services

Tours customized to fit your company’s interests and needs

Cycle With A Twist

A team-building event that allows your organization to explore New Orleans with new eyes

Ride With A Purpose

A wellness tour that helps improve the health of your employees and promotes outdoor physical activity

Small City, Bright Lights

Private tours specialized to your specific needs

Fee Structure

All tours include bike rental (equipped with customer LED lighting) and 2-hour guided tour


For groups of 10-30 riders


For groups of 30+ riders

Email nick@bikerite.club or call 504-360-4355 to schedule your next event!